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CENAGIS platform​

Offer for business

We invite all companies interested in performing R&D work using CENAGIS to cooperate with us, in particular:

1. Use of computing power and access to a spatial data repository in R&D work

2. Testing its technological solutions on large geospatial data sets (big data infrastructure)

3. Periodic presentation of its technological solutions to customers

4. Verification of geospatial data created

5. Presenting its technological solutions to the broad community of scientists involved in geospatial data analysis (through the Scientific Network for Geospatial Analysis)

6. Seeking scientists (geo data scientist) for collaboration (through the Geospatial Analysis Science Network)

7. Jointly applying for research projects.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send your inquiry to:

Price list for the service of access to IT resources of CENAGIS Platform

is valid from 1 March 2023.

Type of component of the IT resource poolUnit parameterNet price  
Virtual vCPU



16,00 zł
Virtual vRAM operating memory

1 GB


9,00 zł
GPU access

1 GB


50,00 zł
Virtual vHD storage space

100 GB


8,00 zł
Perform calculations on the big data subsystem (outside the test period)10% cluster power/day300,00 zł
Technical submission1 piece.100,00 zł
Access account – additional (first two free)

1 piece.


25 zł
Downloading large volumes of data1TB40 zł
Windows Server 20191 piece.50 zł
Access to additional commercial softwareIndividual pricingIndividual pricing

In the case of an order for a period of 12 months and for orders with a value of more than PLN 40 000 gross, a discount of 12% may be granted.

In the case of projects in which the Supplier and the Recipient are consortium members, settlements are carried out according to the possibilities arising from the regulations of competition.