CENAGIS IT Platform​

is a computing center dedicated to geospatial data analytics. The center is based on an advanced IT infrastructure that allows geospatial analysis and satellite calculations.​


Geospatial Analysis Platform

  • Working in the cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Configured access to harmonized spatial data
  • Space for your own working data
  • A wide range of analytical software
  • Ability to expand the platform with custom software/algorithms
  • Release of research results
  • Ability to create Virtual Research Teams

Virtual machines

Access to a virtual computer with a choice of operating system, computing power and installed software. Ability to connect spatial data resources available in CENAGIS, work with GIS tools and prototype your own analytical solutions.

Big Data environment

A set of hardware and software providing a unified environment designed for Spatial Big Data research. Access to a computing cluster equipped with the ability to analyze large-scale spatial data using the Apache Spark environment and large computing power (including graphics cards).

Professional use

Ability to implement custom solutions and service prototypes using the computing power, software and data available on the CENAGIS platform.

Predefined analyses

A set of pre-defined, various analytical tools allowing you to access them directly from a web browser. Predefined analyses allow you to get acquainted with the capabilities of the platform in just a few clicks.

How to create an account

to the Geospatial Analysis Platform?

Contact us

If you want to use the Geospatial Analysis Platform or have other questions, please contact us.

Sign the contract

We will prepare the necessary documents and ask you to sign them.
We will activate your account within  1-3 business days after signing the contract.


Create analysis, use innovative solutions, share the results of your work with others.