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Geomatics, geoinformation, geospatial engineering, geodesy and cartography, GIScience...

When designing the system, different target user groups were envisioned: from analysts without geoinformatics knowledge to advanced developers. Depending on their skill level, users benefit from different methods of accessing the system and other functions (including a different cloud working model).
Users can conduct the work themselves as well as outsource it to employees of the centre or other interested users of the Platform. The infrastructure is generally designed to conduct research and experiments in cooperation between science and industry. The basic substantive scope of R&D work that the CENAGIS Platform should support includes the following:

  • Applications of geoinformation in smart city and urban planning
  • Photogrammetric methods of processing 3D terrain data
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure – testing new concepts, architecture, and technologies
  • Multi-criteria geospatial analysis
  • Using Machine Learning methods in geospatial analysis
  • Modeling of geographic phenomena
  • 3D city modeling
  • Cartographic modeling
  • Spatial Data Mining
  • Testing Location-based services (LBS) and navigation applications
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure for geospatial solutions