We invite you to cooperate with us!​

The idea of cooperation

The infrastructure is available on a transparent basis to research units, businesses and public institutions. The benefits of cooperation should be seen in access to unique, innovative infrastructure and in joint creation and implementation of research and development programs in the future.

In carrying out research projects, partners and members of the Scientific Geospatial Analysis Network will:
– use services developed by other teams of scientists (as part of previous research),
– develop existing solutions (e.g., advanced data analysis algorithms),
– influence the shape of the built infrastructure.

The issue of creation (ownership) of the infrastructure and authorship (co-authorship) of research projects (or commercialization of research) are separable issues (PW does not automatically become a co-author of projects carried out by partners using the infrastructure).

Offer for scientific institutions

We invite all interested scientific units to cooperate with us.

The suggested form of cooperation offering the greatest opportunities is to join the Scientific Network for Geospatial Analysis.

It is also possible to sign bilateral agreements.

Offer for business

We invite all companies interested in performing R&D work using CENAGIS to cooperate with us, in particular:

1. Use of computing power and access to a spatial data repository in R&D work

2. Testing its technological solutions on large geospatial data sets (big data infrastructure)

3. Periodic presentation of its technological solutions to customers

4. Verification of geospatial data created

5. Presenting its technological solutions to the broad community of scientists involved in geospatial data analysis (through the Scientific Network for Geospatial Analysis)

6. Seeking scientists (geo data scientist) for collaboration (through the Geospatial Analysis Science Network)

7. Jointly applying for research projects.

If you are interested in cooperation, please send your inquiry to: biuro.cenagis@pw.edu.pl

Price list for the service of access to IT resources of CENAGIS Platform

is valid from 15 May 2023.

Type of component of the IT resource pool Unit parameter Net price  
Virtual vCPU

1 CPU / month

18,00 PLN
Virtual vRAM operating memory

1 GB / month

10,00 PLN
GPU access

1 GB / month

60,00 PLN
Virtual vHD storage space

100 GB / month

8,00 PLN
Perform calculations on the big data subsystem (outside the test period) 10% cluster power/day 330,00 PLN
Technical submission 1 piece. 100,00 PLN
Access account – additional (first two free)

1 piece. / month

25 PLN
Downloading large volumes of data 1TB 45 PLN
Windows Server 2019 1 piece. / month 60 PLN
Access to additional commercial software Individual pricing Individual pricing

In the case of an order for a period of 12 months and for orders with a value of more than PLN 40 000 gross, a discount of 12% may be granted.

A discount of 5% may be granted for upfront payments for at least 12 months.

In the case of projects in which the Supplier and the Recipient are consortium members, settlements are carried out according to the possibilities arising from the regulations of competition.

Price list for the service of access to GNSS simulator - Spirent GSS9000

is valid from March 1, 2023.

Type of componentUnit parameterMinimum number of settlement units Net price  VAT Tax
Production/research use of the Spirent GSS9000 generator

1 hour

5150,00 zł 23%
Assistance from a qualified PW employee to facilitate the operation of the device

1 hour

2100,00 zł 23%
Assist the lab supervisor to provide access to the device during the testing period

1 hour

130,00 zł 23%
Additional expert services and training related to the use of the simulator

1 hour

1150,00 zł 23%

Free trial use of the Spirent GSS9000 simulator is possible in order to learn the to learn the operation for a maximum of 24 hours. In this case, the assistance of the supervisor is required laboratory.

For orders with a gross value of more than PLN 10,000, a discount of 12%.

In case of projects in which the Supplier and the Recipient are consortium members, prices are shaped are shaped individually depending on the specifics of the Project and the source of funding, while striving to maintaining the price list values given above.

Cooperation with research teams


The team, consisting of staff from various departments, has been conducting interdisciplinary research in geoinformation in cooperation with other research teams of the Warsaw University of Technology and other universities and research institutes. Since 2020, it has been using for this purpose the cyberinfrastructure of geospatial information CENAGIS. The team’s activities are focused on automation and efficient processing, analysis, and visualization of geospatial big data, including satellite images, aerial photos, point clouds from laser scanning, and various spatially referenced vector data.

Previous clients of the team include:
Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Digitization Department of the Capital City of Warsaw, Municipality of Żuromin, OPEGIEKA, Comtegra, Cloudferro, Tensorflight and Cenatorium.


  • analysis of large sets of geospatial data and development of algorithms for spatial analyses
  • verification of scientific hypotheses related to phenomena in geographic space
  • detection of phenomena and objects in space
  • detection of relations and interdependencies of phenomena and objects in space
  • creation of models of phenomena, processes, and objects related to geolocation
  • testing data used in navigation applications
  • integration and analysis of 3D airborne, satellite, and ground data
  • processing and integration of multi-sensor satellite data and multi-source geospatial data
  • development of innovative concepts of cartographic visualization
  • expert opinions on spatial data quality and compatibility of data models with standards

dr hab. inż. Dariusz Gotlib, prof. uczelni

DIANA/NATO Test Center

The Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA)

seeks to unite the best and brightest innovators across the Alliance.

DIANA provides deep tech and dual-use innovators with access to NATO resources, including grant funding, acceleration services, and pathways to adapt their solutions for defence and security needs

WUT’s Center for Scientific Geospatial Analysis (CENAGIS) has been approved as one of the world’s dozens of DIANA Test Centers, and probably the only one with such a profile in the world.

The agreement was signed in August 2023.

Detailed information on DIANA’s program of activities and announced grants can be found here:


We’d like to invite you to use the CENAGIS infrastructure to test your solutions and conduct research by both research entities and commercial companies.

We are proud to be part of this important endeavor. We would like to invite you to contact us and cooperate.