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The initiative is fully open to all companies and organizations. Consortium members are not co-owners of the infrastructure.

The main commercial partners in the first stage of the project are companies:

Logo Opegieka

Leader in the geoinformatics industry in Poland, specializing in software development, mass data acquisition and processing from remote sensing and photogrammetric sensors (own aircraft, UAV, cameras, laser scanners, etc.). Poland’s only industry-class data center DC4B.PL (GIS DATA CENTER).
OPEGIEKA also has the status of a Research and Development Center, which means it is also a scientific unit in terms of the law.

Hexagon is a key global information technology provider that improves productivity and quality in geospatial and industrial applications. It offers solutions used in a wide range of industries, integrating software, knowledge and work into intelligent information ecosystems. As part of the project, Hexagon provided a rich set of geo-information software, including GeoMedia Professional, IMAGINE Professional, Intergraph Geospatial Server and M.App Enterprise.

CloudFerro has established a powerful repository of Earth observation data collected by satellites from around the world in Poland (together with Creotech Instruments and Brockmann Consult) as part of the European Space Agency’s EO Innovative Platform Testbed Poland (EO IPT) project.
This is one of the largest projects ever commissioned by the European Space Agency to Polish entities. It is also the ESA’s key big data project in the category of high-resolution optical observations.
As part of the CENAGIS Project, the company has integrated its technology platform with the CENAGIS platform and provided access to European Space Agency (ESA) satellite data.

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