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You are currently viewing FME in CENAGIS

As part of the implementation of the CENAGIS project, FME software has been purchased after a bidding process, which will be an important component of the Geospatial Analysis Platform. FME will be a key component used to acquire and integrate data from a wide variety of sources, and to automate data processing performed in the tools available in the CENAGIS architecture.

CENAGIS will be able to use an unlimited number of FME Platform licenses: both FME Desktop and FME Server. A portion of the licenses will be used by the project team to perform tasks related to the construction and launch of the geospatial analysis platform, including:

  • acquisition and integration of data provided by companies, offices and public institutions,
  • collection and preliminary validation of data,
  • automation of many processes, e.g.: data transfer between different data models and formats, transformation between coordinate systems, separation of data fragments using spatial and semantic criteria.

Thanks to the FME Platform’s capabilities and performance, it is also partially used for Big Data analysis and very large-scale data processing and execution of multiple projects simultaneously for the entire country.

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