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Indoor navigation
and localization test fields

Laboratory tasks

Within the laboratory, two rooms have been adapted and equipped with virtual reality devices.

In further steps, building models (digital twins) and simulation applications are created. This allows research participants to move through the virtual world in a way that provides a high degree of immersion. Various elements of the test environment and some parameters of the 3D models will be changed during the tasks.

All test participant behaviour is recorded for later analysis. In addition, a test field has been designed to test prototype navigation applications using real positioning systems in the observatory building in Józefosław.

Positioning systems

The test field in Józefosław was equipped with two parallel positioning systems.

  1. WiFi access points
  2. Bluetooth beacons

Both are based on a dense network of wireless beacons, which can be selectively activated to test the application’s behaviour under different conditions.

Virtual Reality devices

HTC Vive Pro – eye tracking

Pimax 5k Plus – wide field of view

Valve Index Controllers

Multidirectional treadmill Kat Walk

Multidirectional treadmill Kat Walk C

VR Cave
A room in which the user is surrounded by screens displaying a 3D image

Augmented Reality devices

Microsoft HoloLens 2
Glasses displaying 3D content in the form of holograms

Vuzix Augmented Reality
Glasses that display the application image close to the eye in the user’s field of view